Tesla Hoverboards

If you are also from those people who went crazy after watching tesla hoverboard’s video then we hate to let you know that this video is completely fake. In the video it is shown that a tesla hoverboard is hovering in the mid air and a boy is managing its tricks with the smartphone which looks very tempting. While Tesla is the only company which can create these kind of extraordinary hoverboards but this video seems too good to be true that does not mean Tesla is unable to create this type of hoverboard. Tesla continuously surprising us with their inovative products such as solar panels and self driving cars. Tesla is generations ahed from its competitors as their solar power cars which are not only enviournment friendly but also they comes with un-realistic features such as self driving and reaching 60kmph speed in just 3 seconds. While shown tesla hoverboard in the video is fake, there is a posibility that some other company will create same kind of products in the future as riding actual hovering board is not only cool but also people will pay any amount of money in order to buy this hoverboard.

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